MTM ENERGIA manufactures, customises and installs its “turnkey” cogeneration plants, complete with all the necessary components and ready for testing.
All cogeneration systems are sized and designed to meet the specific needs of each customer according to the criteria of quality, simplicity and efficiency.


Powerful, performing, technological.
The perfect choice for large and medium-sized companies looking to save energy.
The CH4 series of natural gas and LPG cogenerators are designed for energy-intensive users, where the best way to reduce the cost of consumption is to produce one’s own energy.

Our units are reliable, efficient, compact and easy to manage.
Thanks to the customised and dedicated supervision panel, it is possible to manage the plant remotely down to the smallest detail.

Solutions for heating buildings
or for production / industrial processes

Electricity, thermal and refrigeration without any
emission of climate gas and zero impact?