About us

About us

MTM Energia is composed of a team of specialists, led by the founders Michele and Monica Torretta, who own and manage a concern highly specialised in the construction of small and medium-sized cogeneration plants.
The company, founded about 10 years ago in Magnago (MI), is one of the few in Italy to produce plants that are completely customised and sized specifically for the customer. Its aim is to encourage not only large companies but also, and especially, small and medium-sized enterprises to be self-sufficient in an effective and reliable manner, making considerable energy savings and respecting the environment.

The company has a technical department that employs a team of engineers with years of experience in the sector. There is also a sales office, an administrative department, a highly qualified customer support service, and a team of marketing and communication experts, as well as one of mechanics, electricians and welders dedicated to the production of quality cogeneration plants: herein lies the strength of MTM Energia!


To actively contribute to the creation of an efficient, sustainable and renewable energy generation system.
To create technologies and products that can support global economic growth while respecting the environment and people.


To work in the field of saving energy with the aim of promoting the culture of eco-sustainability and offering public and private bodies an interesting opportunity for growth and development.
Using cogeneration technology as a means to make an intelligent, safe and environmentally-friendly choice to invest your resources and produce economic benefits as a promoter and lever of success.