Life Series

LIFE (Light Integrated Fast Efficient)
It is the new series of micro-cogenerators specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises with a significant consumption of electrical and thermal energy: hotels, swimming pools, nursing homes and factories with areas to be conditioned and/or with consumption of process heat energy in the form of hot water or diathermic oil.
The LIFE micro-cogenerators, which are cost-effective in terms of both purchase price and connection and maintenance, represent the ideal solution to enter the world of energy efficiency.

The LIFE series was designed to guarantee
automatic management: the power supply is turned on and off and adjusted independently according to the logic of heat load tracking, maximising savings.
Remote management: the supervision software can be used to check the parameters and for remote intervention.
Reduced maintenance: thanks to the highly reliable engines and operating mode.
Minimum noise: less than 65dB(A) at 7 metres.
Compact size: the bonnet contains all the elements, optimising the use of space.


Motore PSI
Potenza elettrica 20 kW
Rendimento elettrico 28,6 %


Motore PSI
Potenza elettrica 30 kW
Rendimento elettrico 31,6 %


Motore PSI
Potenza elettrica 40 kW
Rendimento elettrico 33,1 %


Motore PSI
Potenza elettrica 65 kW
Rendimento elettrico 30,7 %